“A modern family brand, offering quality undergarments for men & women.”

Vive La French Undergarments

Part of the French Eminence Group, Athena was launched in 1962 to be sold in hypermarkets (hypermarché in French, known in the US as “superstores”), a growing new trend at the time. The brand was introduced as a modern family brand with an athletic edge, offering undergarments for men and boys. As the brand grew over the years, a women’s label was added in 2004, offering quality undergarments for women too.

Uncompromised Quality & Comfort for All

As a popular mass market brand, Athena’s men’s lines are known for their quality products and sporty image; the women’s lines are favorites among young women who are looking for comfort and quality at a good price, without compromising on beauty or esthetics.

Offering underwear, pajamas and swimwear for men, and classic underwear and sports underwear for women, Athena has become one of the most widely-known brands in France.

A Household Name in France Goes Global

With a brand awareness of over 70%, Athena has definitely gained a stronghold in the French market, becoming a recognized household name. When the company was acquired by Delta Galil in 2018, it was a perfect fit for the global family of brands specializing in casualwear, sleepwear and underwear.

  • Part of the Eminence Group
  • 6 product lines
  • Since 1962