Global Upper Market

GUM Division: Manufacturing & Marketing Globally

Delta’s Global Upper Market business division, also known as GUM, leads the company’s work with a range of global customers and brands, offering design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of undergarments, activewear, and seamless women’s clothing. These items are manufactured at Delta Galil factories and sold to retail chains and leading brands across Europe and the US.

Marketing & Strategic Development is one of the noteworthy units under GUM, serving all of Delta’s divisions. This global innovation unit is located in Israel and is responsible for developing fabrics, new technologies and new style concepts, and marketing them to clients and consumers. Design, development, technology, and marketing specialists work in this unit, offering professional support in their relevant fields to different departments within the company.

Fun Facts

While the marketing and distribution operations for this segment are performed by Delta Galil in Israel, the manufacturing operations are carried out in several factories around the world – from the Israeli R&D unit, through active subsidiaries in Egypt, Bulgaria, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam, including a joint venture in China and subcontractors in the Middle East and the Far East.

On October 1st 2019 Delta Bogart Lingerie Limited joined the portfolio as part of global upper market division, with factories in southern china (Panyu & Shenzhen), Thailand and Myanmar, making Delta Galil the third biggest Bra manufacturer in the world.