15 December 2019

We are proud to announce that Touch&Go™ Hook And Eye Bra Accessory 

Has been issued a patent. US Patent 10,212,977 B2.

We have created an easier way to fasten and unfasten a bra. Our ergonomic hook&eye design eliminates the twisting and turning currently needed to fasten a regular bra. 

The simple touch&go fastener makes closing a bra behind the back a simple task. 

The components of the Touch&Go Hook and Eye slide easily into one another, using flat wide hooks rather than the small round versions more common on the market. This allows the two components to easily click into one another, with no need for the wearer to search for the connecting piece. The intuitive fastener can be used on bras of all kinds, and its one-click on-and-off application is especially well suited for sports bras.

“We’re very pleased to have been granted this patent in the United States,” said Isaac Dabah, CEO of Delta Galil. “While we’re confident this simple technology will prove incredibly popular, we’re also mindful of the investment of time, research and development that went into perfecting it., and so are grateful to be able to protect our intellectual property. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative products to our customers and to developing more ways to ensure they can dress with quality, comfort, and ease.”